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My books

Ett annat Sverige är möjligt, 2006 ("Another Sweden is possible")
With America Vera-Zavala

The ideologies and principles that should guide Swedish politics, but are nowhere to be seen in pragmatic parties and election campaigns. Half of the book is written by me, about a liberal agenda for Sweden, the other half is written by America Vera-Zavala, about a socialist Sweden.

“A brief introduction to two important ideologies, makes the differences between them explicit and can hopefully serve as a guide and inspiration"
Kristian Karlsson, Svenska Dagbladet

När människan skapade världen, 2006 ("When Mankind Created the World)
My biggest work to date – a manifesto on creativity, entrepreneurship and freedom. About why mankind has created more in 200 years than in the 200 000 years before, thanks to the individuals, institutions and liberties that are most controversial in the modern debate.

“A splendid tribute to the creative individual."
Kjell Albin Abrahamsson, Sundsvalls Tidning

"Norberg's very readable defence of capitalism teaches us that the most amazing is the human brain."
Magnus Krantz, Liberala Nyhetsbyrån

Frihetens klassiker, 2003
(ed by me and Mattias Bengtsson)
An anthology where we have collected classical liberal and libertarian texts from the last 500 years - from de la Boétie and de las Casas to Ayn Rand and Mario Vargas Llosa. It also contains Swedes who eloquently defended freedom, such as Chydenius, Segerstedt and Heckscher.

"A real hit, a solid book of reference and without a doubt a source of inspiration for many."
Claes-Göran Hegnell, Smålandsposten

Read my introductory essay on the history of liberalism here.

Global rättvisa är möjlig, 2001
(With America Vera-Zavala)
A book of which I wrote half. After reading, from one end of it, my views on what can create a better, fairer world, you turn the book round and read an alternative declaration, written by America Vera-Zavala, from the anti-globalisation group Attac. Ideal for anyone seeking to penetrate the globalisation issue.

“A book to educate the people”
Dag Sandahl, Östran

“Perhaps the beginning of a new – more verbal – globalisation dialogue”
Erik Zsiga, Svenska Dagbladet

In Defence of Global Capitalism, 2001
A defence of globalisation, systematically refuting the myths and arguments presented by critics of globalisation to show that the world is deteriorating, the poor are getting poorer, free trade causes exclusion, financial markets engender crises and so on. About development, poverty, property rights, free trade, the environment, multinationals etc.

“Norberg nails one by one the fallacies and selective statistics that are used by the anti-capitalist protestors.”
Samuel Brittan, Financial Times

“In this commendable work one finds, plainly compiled, all that is needed for a qualified assessment … The tone of the book is restrained, candid, objective and wholly convincing – which is not to say that it lacks vision.”
Karen Horn, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Translations so far published:

Stat, individ och marknad : sex skolor i samtida samhällsfilosofi, 2000
(Ed. by me. Other contributors: Niclas Berggren, Fredrik Bergström, Niclas Ericson, Mattias Lundbäck & Ingemar Nordin)
A textbook in which I have brought together different authors’ presentations of modern liberal schools of thought, such as Austrian economics, public choice, the Chicago School, institutional economics, natural rights. My own contribution deals with the neo-Aristotelian theories of liberal values.

“For anyone seeking a concise, brand new survey of economists’ views concerning the interaction of state, individual and market, this work is a small goldmine.”
Eric Carlheim Gyllenskiöld, Bibliotekstjänst

“A good book with a boring title”
Johnny Munkhammar, Liberal Debatt

Read my preface

Fullständiga rättigheter : ett försvar för de första 21 artiklarna i FN:s deklaration om de mänskliga rättigheterna, 1999
A philosophical defense for human rights, in which I attempt to reinstate the classical liberal view of liberty and rights, namely that they are ”negative” and are concerned with protecting the individual against collective and state, as opposed to modern ideas of ”positive freedom” and ”welfare rights”, which threaten to eviscerate the whole concept of rights.

“A superbly crafted little book”
Thomas Gür, Svenska Dagbladet

“Even those not sharing Norberg’s strong scepticism of the welfare state can agree with many of his conclusions. If more and more political demands are defined as rights, the concept will lose its meaning.”
Richard Appelbom, Vestmanlands Läns Tidning

Den svenska liberalismens historia, 1998
A history of Sweden’s many liberal thinkers and reformists from the 18th century to 1980. Liberals gave Sweden one of the world’s first freedom of the press ordinances, in 1766, staged an armed revolution in 1809 and turned Sweden into a laissez-faire economy in the mid-19th century. A highly successful book, fiercely criticised by many in the Swedish liberal party because I followed the classical liberals troughout Swedish history, instead of the social liberals.

“a tour-de-force in its exhaustiveness and its systematic, carefully considered structure … written by a man with the truly talented historian’s understanding of context and ideas.”
Lars Gustafsson, Svenska Dagbladet

“This history of Swedish liberalism is, quite simply, exciting and thought-provoking.”
Johannes Åman, Dagens Nyheter

Read an excerpt

Motståndsmannen Vilhelm Moberg, 1997
The story of how one of Sweden’s greatest authors became one of the main political characters of the 20th century. I show Moberg’s most important achievement to have been, not the Emigrant Novels but his campaign for individual liberty and against the nanny state, totalitarianism, censorship and monarchy. The book sparked a Moberg feud, with Social Democratic debaters refusing to accept that Moberg was a liberal.

“Norberg recalls an important, suppressed part of contemporary Swedish history.”
Svante Nycander, Dagens Nyheter

“An excellent and important introduction, both to Moberg and to major episodes in the history of 20th century Sweden."
Håkan Holmberg, Upsala Nya Tidning


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