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CV, Johan Norberg

Johan Norberg is a freelance free-marketeer and the author of several books, including the award-winning book Till världskapitalismens försvar (In defence of global capitalism) (Timbro 2001), now translated into the world’s major languages. Soon it is published in 22 different countries. The book is the basis for a television documentary on UK Channel 4 called Globalisation is good. In 2002 he was voted the 19th most influential opinion-maker in Sweden.

Norberg is the author and editor of several books exploring liberal themes, including a history of liberal pioneers in Swedish history. His articles and opinion pieces appear regularly in Swedish newspapers and he is a regular commentator and contributor on Swedish television and radio. His articles have also been published internationally and he has appeared on BBC Radio and other international radio and television networks discussing globalisation and free trade. He is a member of the Mont Pélerin Society. Norberg received his master’s degree from Stockholm University in the history of ideas. He was born in Stockholm in 1973.

1999: M. A. with a major in the history of ideas, Stockholm University
1992-99: Studies at Stockholm University: philosophy, literature, political science and history of ideas. Economics at the City University.
1992: Matriculated at St Jacobi high school, Vällingby, Stockholm.

2007-present Senior Fellow at the Washington think tank Cato Institute
2006: Senior Fellow at the Brussels think tank Centre for the New Europe.
2002 - 2005: Head of political ideas at the free-market think-tank Timbro, Stockholm, Sweden.
1999 - 2005: Founder and editor of the free-trade portal
1999-2002: Assistant editor-in-chief on the Timbro net-publication
1993-97: Editor of Nyliberalen, the journal of Frihetsfronten.

Allt om Naomi Kleins nakenchock (together with Boris Benulic), a detailed critique of Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine (Voltaire Publishing 2008)
Ett annat Sverige är möjligt (together with America Vera-Zavala), a debate book giving two perspectives on ideology and political change (Pocky 2006)
När människan skapade världen, a treatise on human creativity and entrepreneurship (Timbro 2006)
Frihetens klassiker (edited together with Mattias Bengtsson), an anthology of liberal and libertarian texts from 500 years of Western history (Timbro 2003)
Global rättvisa är möjlig (together with America Vera-Zavala), a debate book giving two different perspectives on globalisation (Pocky 2001)
Till världskapitalismens försvar, a manifesto for globalisation (Timbro 2001, translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Turkish and other languages)
Stat, individ och marknad : sex skolor i samtida samhällsfilosofi (ed.), a textbook of liberal theory (Timbro 2000)
Fullständiga rättigheter : ett försvar för de 21 första artiklarna i FN:s deklaration om de mänskliga rättigheterna, a plaidoyer for the classical liberal view of human rights (Timbro, 1999)
Den svenska liberalismens historia, a study in Swedish political history (Timbro, 1998, soft cover 1999)
Motståndsmannen Vilhelm Moberg, a political biography (Timbro, 1997)
– Nyliberalismens idéer (co-edited with Henrik Bejke), a libertarian anthology (Frihetsfrontens förlag, 1993)

Reports and papers
– Briefing paper on Naomi Klein, "The Klein Doctrine : The Rise of Disaster Polemics" (Cato Institute 2008)
– Report card on human progress for the Swedish government's Globalisation Council, "Världens välfärd : fyra decennier som förändrade planeten" (Utrikesdepartementet 2007)
– Paper on happiness research, "Happiness Paternalism : Blunders from a New Science" (CNE 2006)
– Paper on the Middle East and liberalism, "Arabisk vår – revolt och reform i Mellanöstern" (Timbro 2005)
– Study and poll on perceptions of the environment and development, "Rubriker som gör oss rädda" (Timbro 2005)
– Chapter on Nike and multinational business, ”The noble feet of Nike” in Gilbert Muller (ed.) The New World Reader (Houghton Mifflin, 2005)
– Essay on corporate social responsibility, ”Why their business is none of ours” in Helen Disney (ed.) An Apology for Capitalism (Stockholm Network, 2004)
– Essay on terrorism and globalisation, ”Om inte varor korsar gränserna kommer soldater att göra det”, in Henrik Holmquist (ed.) I skuggan av 11 september (Svenska FN-förbundet, 2004)
– Chapter on a liberal vision for the EU, ”En liberal Europavision”, in Henrik Dahlsson (ed.) Vägval för Europa (Nytt Europa, 2004)
– Chapter on third world development, ”Hvordan globalisering redder verden”, in Udvikling mod frihandel (Operation Dagsvaerk, 2004)
– "In defence of open borders for immigrants", booklet on free immigration (Teldersstichting, 2003)
– Essay on open borders in Johan Talenti, et al.: Tal i egen sak : Integration i praktiken (Silentium, 2002)
– Essay on free trade, “Bare fri handel er rettferdig handel”, in Torbjörn Röe Isaksen (ed.) Når fremtiden nekter å vente (Oslo: Unge Höyres Landsforbund, 2002)
– Essay on the industrial revolution, “Sådan var industrialismen”, in Henrik Alexandersson et al.: Sådan är kapitalismen! (Frihetsfrontens förlag, 2002)
Introduction to Robert Nozick: Anarki, stat och utopi – Anarchy, State and Utopia (Timbro, 2001)
– Essay on Vilhelm Moberg’s view on national identy, “Vilhelm Moberg och det svenska”, in Alf W Johansson (ed.) Vad är Sverige? : röster om svensk nationell identitet (Prisma, 2001)
– “Har frihandelsovännerna något stöd?” (with Paula Werenfels Röttorp). A report on public opinion on free trade, for Svensk Handel, September 2000
– “Från Lutherhjälpen till skyltfönsterkrossare : En kartläggning av frihandelsmotståndet” (with Paula Werenfels Röttorp). A report on the anti-globalisation movement for Svensk Handel, August 2000
Introduction to a Swedish edition of Frédéric Bastiat: Det man ser och det man inte ser – What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen (Timbro, 1999)

– James Joyce Award from the Literary and Historical Society of University College Dublin, 2007.
– Curt Nicolin Memorial Award from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, 2006.
– Voted Sweden's best blogger by the readers of the magazine Internetworld 2005.
– Gold medal of the German Friedrich-August-von-Hayek-Stiftung, shared with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and ECB Chief Economist Ottmar Issing, 2003.
– Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award from the American Atlas Foundation, for the book In Defence of World Capitalism, April 2002.
– Prize of the Sture Lindmark Foundation for Public Debate, for opinion formation for free trade, May 2002.
– Voted Sweden’s 19th most important opinion-maker, by a panel of 300 Swedish journalists and policy-makers (Den svenska marknaden, 1-2002).

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