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GlobLog - August 2006
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Thursday, 31/8/2006:


It´s great to see so many angry reactions to the moderate Agneta Östman-Wenger´s awful suggestion that the media should show more blonde children and less immigrant children. 35 bloggers have reacted according to It´s a good thing that you are really on your guard against racism in all its forms. At least when it comes from a local candidate in Nykvarn. Very brave.

Now, can all of you please explain why you didn´t react at all when the most powerful man in the country began to toy with the idea to test all asylum seekers for HIV?

UPDATE: If I understand it correctly, Jonas Morian is the only blogger who criticised Persson. None of those who wrote about Östman-Wenger criticised Persson as far as I have seen.


You might have noticed that I am not active in the campaign ahead of the Swedish election September 17th. Nothing strange about that, I never have. But I do think that there should be room for a discussion about principles, ideology and challenges for the long-term even in this time of the year, and to contribute to that I will be part of a university tour about liberalism in the next two weeks. In six different cities, Mattias Svensson, Maria Rankka, Erik Zsiga and I will talk about what the government should do, rather than about who should be in government.

Come and listen to us, contribute to the discussion and challenge us over a beer:

6 September: Lund

7 September: Växjö

8 September: Göteborg

11 September: Linköping

12 September: Stockholm

13 September: Uppsala


"Den som står i begrepp att baka bullar bör ta kontakt med kommunens miljö- och hälsoskyddsnämnd och fråga vad som gäller."

- Louise Nyholm, statsinspektör på Livsmedelsverkets tillsynsenhet.

(Via Haja)


Angela Merkel just said this about a new EU constitution: “I believe this treaty should be linked to Christianity and God because Christianity was decisive in the formation of Europe.”

No, it wasn´t. At least not the Europe most Europeans today want. From the moment it got power in Rome, organised Christians persecuted people with other beliefs, burned the books on Greek philosophy, and they continued by throwing the Muslims out, persecuting the Jews, killing Christians of other convictions, burning hundreds of thousands of women alive for being "witches", torturing thousands in the name of the Inquisition and massacring millions in religious wars.

In other words, what religious fundamentalists usually do.

What created modern Europe were the ideas of critical thinking, science, toleration, moderation, secularism and the idea of separating religion and politics, that moderated and civilised organised Christianity. I have more in common with a Muslim who believe in those ideas, than with a Christian who doesn´t, and nothing else than that can civilise organised Islam.

If we need a treaty filled with nice words, these are the ideas it should be linked to.

Wednesday, 30/8/2006:


Iran´s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has challenged Bush to participate in a television debate with him, "But the condition is that there can be no censorship, especially for the American nation".

Ahmadinejad´s sudden opposition to censorship is heart-warming. Since 2000, Iran´s reactionary judiciary has closed down more than 100 newspapers because they were too oppositional and reformist, Iran censors the Internet and no country has arrested more bloggers. Bush should have accepted the invitation, on the condition that Iran´s media gets the same freedom to report as the American media has.


Göran Persson´s closest man, Lars Danielsson, has resigned as a result of his lies about what he did after the tsunami 2004. What I don´t understand is why Persson suddenly calls the accusations against Danielsson "serious" and accepts his resignation. When Persson tried to protect his colleagues from demands for their resignation he used to say that the person responsible for the government´s actions after the tsunami was himself. If serious mistakes were made, Persson should resign, as I understand his own (former) view.


"Göran Perssons HIV-utspel väcker en del frågor. Frågor som jag utan förvåning, men ändå med besvikelse, noterade uteblev i valutfrågningen.

Den första uppenbara frågan är naturligtvis: Vad skall man använda HIV-testet till? Det lika uppenbara svaret är att man har tänkt använda det i urvalet av vilka som kommer att ges asyl. Och vad säger det om förslagsställarens syn på det humanitära som ligger i asylen?

Den andra frågan som inställer sig gäller tystnaden i media omkring Göran Perssson kommentar. Var är ifrågasättandet? Eller snarare hur är det ställt med balansen i medias kritik av kravpolitik riktad mot invandrare från höger respektive vänster?

Man kan naturligtvis inte undgå jämförelsen med den kritik Folkpartiet har fått för sina förslag om språktest och kulturkanon. Dessa förslag har i media beskrivits som ´fiske i grumligt vatten´ och ´obehaglig främlingsfientlig högerpopulism´. Samtidigt vill Socialdemokraterna koppla offentlig försörjning till SFI deltagande och HIV-testa asylsökande, och kritiken i media är ... minimal.


- Dagens e-post, från Pär


"I den tidiga arbetarrörelsen fanns begreppet ´kamrattjuv´ – det kallade man bara de allra lägsta och usla i de egna leden. Frågan är om de inte till och med betraktades som sämre än strejkbrytande svartfötter. Kamrattjuven hade stulit av de pengar den egna rörelsen under idogt stretande och uppoffringar samlat ihop. Han förlorade både rätten till gemenskap och sin heder.

Den som lever av vad andra arbetat ihop är också en kamrattjuv. Den som inte tar de jobb som erbjuds är en kamrattjuv – och det gäller även den som kallar sig sjuk och tar emot ersättning för detta. [...] Sjuka blir vi alla. Men inte fem veckor om året i genomsnitt per person."

- Vänsterns hopp, Boris Benulic, i Metro.


Lately I have been given the impression that Sweden´s international reputation for toleration is a bit tarnished, because in two days, two foreign journalists have asked me if the social democrats have a conscious strategy of borrowing anti-immigrant ideas to prevent that voters escape to a new populist party. Their (failed) attempt to stop workers from new EU countries, the new trade union chant of "Go home" and their new tough image, give that impression.

And since this Sunday, it is confirmed, even though this hasn´t received much attention:

"I understand him and I won´t reject the idea."

- Prime minister Göran Persson comments on a suggestion from one of his MP´s to test all asylum seekers for HIV.

Tuesday, 29/8/2006:


Take a look at the graph below. No, take two. It´s from a new report from the American leftist Economic Policy Institute. It shows the income of the poorest (left) and the richest (right) ten percent, as a proportion of the US median income, adjusted for price differences, in 13 different countries.

With this, the institute wants to prove that the US has an unfair income distribution and that it should move towards the more equal distribution in countries like Sweden and Finland.



But interestingly, it shows something very different. In the US, the rich are much richer than the rich in other countries, for example they get 210 percent of the median compared to 113 in Sweden. But the poorest tenth in the US gets 39 percent of the median, actually slightly more than the poorest tenth in Sweden gets (38 percent).

In other words, the EPI´s own graph shows that the call for high taxes and dramatic redistribution does not make the poor better off, it just makes the rich worse off. Which fits the ancient wisdom that some of those who hate inequality actually hate wealth more than they hate poverty.

(From Tim Worstall in Tech Central Station.)


Yesterday in Expressen we could read that the actor Sven Wollter still considers himself a communist, since the greed of the rich stops at nothing and threatens the survival of the humanity. (Thanks Anders)

Meanwhile, in the real world, FT reports that McDonald´s just redesigned the McFlurry cups so that hedgehogs won´t get stuck in them, in case someone throws the cups on the ground.

Monday, 28/8/2006:


"Highly critical, broadly correct, and certainly worth reading by those that take an active interest in Sweden."

- Former prime minister Carl Bildt about my article on the Swedish model in National Interest.


After having seen this video about how talented school girls sign a petition against women´s suffrage (thanks Pär), it´s difficult to take another petition seriously. But I´ll make just one exception: is now just around 75 000 signatures from their goal of one million people who oppose the constant movement of the European Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg. If you haven´t signed, now is the time.


Bias i media handlar mindre om att journalisterna skulle gilla vänstern och mer om att det är lättare journalistiskt att föreslå enkla interventionistiska lösningar och komma med krav på nya utgifter, än att diskutera komplexa skapandeprocesser och hur de kan förstöras. Jag noterade i går att Persson för det mesta konfronterades från ett vänsterperspektiv av utfrågarna, medan man knappast kan föreställa sig att en moderatledare till största del får frågor från ett liberalt håll. I ett mail påpekar Jan-Erik emellertid att det inte är hela sanningen:

"Intressant observation, men den är faktiskt inte 100% korrekt. När Stig Malm (!) var valutfrågare 1998 använde han moderaternas slogan ´måndag,tisdag,onsdag går i skatt´ och sa: ´Med era mest långtgående förslag går måndag, tisdag och halva onsdag i skatt. Varför vill ni inte sänka ännu mer?´"

Hos HAX hittar jag för övrigt en intressant film om journalistikens val av tilltal.


There is a theory that you can only deal with sexual crimes by re-arranging society, and change mental structures and gender roles. Another theory says that you should lock the rapists up. In his newsletter, Olle Wästberg points out that the number of rapes in New York has declined by 51.4 percent in 13 years.

Here are the numbers of reported rapes for the first half of 2006:

New York (with 8 million inhabitants): 893

Sweden (with 9 million inhabitants): 1 996

Sunday, 27/8/2006:


"Jag tror inte att den folkliga förankringen på något sätt sitter i bostaden."

- Göran Persson besvarar i kvällens utfrågning hur kan veta hur vanligt folk har det när han skaffar herrgård för 12,5 miljoner.

"Hur kan du som köpt en villa för 6 miljoner veta hur vanligt folk har det?"

- Göran Persson till Bo Lundgren fyra år tidigare.

21:56 - RECYCLING: 

When the moderates´ Fredrik Reinfeldt was interviewed on public service-television tonight, he was repeatedly challanged from a market-liberal perspective. The journalists asked him why he doesn´t want to reduce taxes more, deregulate the labour market, reduce welfare spending or privatise the biggest state companies.

No, that would of course never happen. In the real world, it was the social democrats´ Göran Persson tonight, and he was asked why he doesn´t spend more on the old and handicapped, doesn´t want price controls on electricity, doesn´t reduce inequalities more, doesn´t want to enforce equal wages for women, and why he wants to freeze the tax on real estate when there are so many poor children in Sweden.

Friday, 25/8/2006:


Last week, Michael Lind wrote in Financial Times that libertarianism is dead, since it has not seen any major political breakthroughs for a decade. By that standard, socialism was dead 100 years ago. Today Mattias Bengtsson, president of the Center for the New Europe, responds:

"I would even say that if you look for a real and viable vision for the future, the only one available is more or less libertarian. Since the mid-1990s there has, for example, been an explosion of libertarian think-tank activity in Europe. The network of European free market think-tanks - the Stockholm Network - now has more than 130 members.

Coming from Sweden I also notice that, on many of the issues Mr Lind mentions, my home country is turning towards libertarian practice. Sweden adopted school vouchers in the early 1990s. Many Swedish children now attend private, for-profit schools. The Swedish governmental pension system has been reformed - the system will never pay out more than comes in, and it is partly privatised and fully funded. Major state-owned companies have been sold out, many markets deregulated. Even nuclear power plants have been sold to foreign owners. There is no minimum wage. Immigration from the 25 European Union members is free.

The socialist government, with the support of the former Communist party, recently abolished the inheritance tax and the gift tax. Healthcare is to a growing degree produced by private companies - one of the largest hospitals in Stockholm is owned by a for-profit company listed on the stock exchange. The underground in the capital is run by a French company. The taxi business is open for entry and without regulation regarding fares. And the Swedish edition of Ayn Rand´s Atlas Shrugged has sold more than 10,000 copies since last year. This is just to mention a few examples."

Thursday, 24/8/2006:


Here in Amsterdam I am reached by the news that Pluto is no longer considered a planet according to leading astronomers. Very good. I have actually been a bit depressed when I´ve heard about their attempts to redefine the term "planet" after they discovered that Pluto does not behave at all like the others. And they did this because they felt sorry for all the school children who would be saddened by hearing that Pluto not being a planet any more.

Sorry kids, science is science - a search for knowledge - and it should never submit to political correctness, and least of all of childrens´ feelings for a comet-like stone 9 billion miles from us.

Tuesday, 22/8/2006:


One of the most interesting reviews of my book is published today in Journalisten. Roland Zuiderveld, reporter on SVT´s Kulturnyheterna, points out that this is a book that Swedish journalists could learn from, if they dare to open it. He says that the media is specialised in reporting about particular cases and special interests as if the economy was a zero-sum game.

"That the broad context is missing is a threat to our credibility", he concludes, and tells his colleagues to take a look at my description of positive trends in growth and poverty reduction that markets and trade have brought about.


Mattias Svensson skriver en understreckare om Douglas Rasmussens och Douglas den Uyls nya bok.

Andreas Bergh föreslår ett alternativ till min ilska över Reinfeldts löfte att syna och höja varje socialdemokratisk välfärdsutgift.

Henrik Borg granskar Masoud Kamali.

Och missa inte den frihetlige vänsterskribenten Rasmus Fleischers uppgörelse med avgrundsvänsterns stöd till en fascistisk och antisemitisk terrororganisation, och debatten efteråt.

Monday, 21/8/2006:


Have you read Atlas Shrugged lately? You don´t have to, you can look at Bolivia instead: On May 1st, Evo Morales sent the military to the private oil and gas fields to socialise them. Now the Bolivian government has just realised that they don´t have the funds or the technical knowledge to take over the production. So now they want their victims to help them make the loot operable. It´s like someone stole your car and then asked you for driving lessons.

08:45 - HE´S FAKING IT: 

Prime minister Göran Persson has a particular method to win debates and avoid difficult questions in interviews: He lies about statistics. In a debate last year, he said that Sweden had the lowest unemployment in the EU. At that time eight countries were ahead of Sweden, even according to Persson´s distorted statistics. But he knows that few have memorised the figures and no one dares to challenge him in real time.

In the radio interview Persson just gave he said that Britain was the only country in the EU with lower unemployment among immigrants than Sweden. What a convenient way to avoid the whole debate about the problems of integration. But it was another way of deceiving the listeners. According to the Swedish Integration Board, of 19 countries, Sweden has the fourth biggest gap in unemployment between immigrants and those born here.

Read Tino Sanandaji´s and Johnny Munkhammar´s report on false statistics about growth and unemployment, you´ll have use for it again and again in the coming month.

Sunday, 20/8/2006:


Recent events in the Middle East have shown that it’s not possible to create democracy and freedom in one political or military big bang. It has to be preceded by a big bang in the climate of ideas and values – the same kind of process that Europe went through when it was opened up for critical thought and questioning of religious and secular authorities.

What gives me hope are all the brave, young people in the region who think for themselves despite years in government schools that aim to destroy their independent judgement. Last week I met young courageous Arabs from several countries who fight for women’s rights, religious freedom and open markets. Their method is technology. Internet forums and blogs appear everywhere and seem almost like the equivalent of Venice and the University of Padua during the European Renaissance – free-zones where people can develop and challenge ideas without the control of religious and secular authorities.

Two interesting and brave Arab bloggers I met, well worth visiting, were Rantings of a Sandmonkey and Iraq the Model. The latter has been involved in introducing blogging software in Arabic. Already there are more than 1 700 blogs in Iraq.

And by the way, Reason has an interesting article by Michael J Totten on a real success story from the region, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Thursday, 17/8/2006:


Jag är 29 breddgragder hemifrån, men jag förstår ändå att det går lite knackigt i (s)-maskineriet när det bara är en månad kvar till valet. Hur kan det komma sig när vi lever i världens bästa land, där till och med arbetslöshetsproblemet är löst?

Tänk om sossarna helt enkelt är för bra? Så kan det nog få heta i eftervalsanalysen om deras tidigare försök till självkritik är någon vägledning:

”Kanske jag blir lite för duktig ibland... Kanske är jag för påläst och kan ibland uppfattas som lite mästrande.”

- Statsminister Göran Persson får frågan vad han har för svag sida, Expressen 30 augusti 2000.

”Jag anser mig vara väldigt påläst. Anledningen till att jag missade på den punkten är att jag hade läst på lite för mycket faktiskt”

- Partisekreterare Marita Ulvskog, Svenska Dagbladet, 8 augusti 2003.


And here is something I just learned from a Bahraini democracy activist:

Google Earth has just been banned in Bahrain, since people used it to look at the properies of the royals and their friends and families. I guess they thought that it would cause ridicule and discontent if people knew that the King´s uncle´s home looks like this: 

Wednesday, 16/8/2006:


An Egyptian liberal just gave me an insight into the national bureaucracy that I would like to pass on to you:

How many do you think are employed in the accounting department of the state-owned Egyptian railroad company?



No, more.



No, even more.



No, you´re still way of. The correct answer is: Approximately 40 000 employees. In the accounting department.


Here in Cairo we´re discussing tolerance and how a society can live in peace even though people have different views and religions. And one important clue is that open markets and trade can create interdependence, mutual gain and influence people to make money, not war. Of course Voltaire told us that more than 270 years ago in his Philosophical Letters:

”Go into the Stock Exchange in London, that place more venerable than many a court, and you will see representatives of all the nations assembled there for the profit of mankind. There the Jew, the Muslim, and the Christian deal with one another as if they were of the same religion, and reserve the name of infidel for those who go bankrupt.”

Monday, 14/8/2006:

13:11 - GOING TO CAIRO: 

Last year many of us believed that the Middle East was close to a breakthrough for democracy and human rights. Today it looks much further away. The crisis in Iraq has made the US (and others) more reluctant to push for reforms in countries like Saudia Arabia and Egypt and Hamas´ and Hezbollah´s decision to attack Israel after they had abandoned occupied areas has led to a brutal war that has been close to destroying Lebanon, just as that beautiful but war-torn country was beginning to climb back. And Iran´s rulers watch everything with delight, while they are continuing their process of becoming the first Islamist fascists with nuclear weapons in their arsenal.

But my long-term hope is the rebirth of civil society that the Internet, blogs and cabel teleivison have contributed to. Right now I am on my way to a Cairo conference to meet with young people from all over the Middle East, bloggers who tell people what the authorities try to hide, individuals who arranged the succesful demonstrations for women suffrage in Kuwait, and students who fight for human rights. I will talk about religious freedom and economic reform. But I am sure that I will listen more than talk.

(Yes, it means that I won´t have much time for email this week.)


And in these the final days of the Fidel regime, we keep hearing the propaganda about Cuban achievements in health and living standards. But it´s like the old joke about how you end up with a small fortune - you just start with a big one. It´s not difficult to present literacy approaching the Spanish rates if you started out by having higher literacy than Spain. So I´ll just repeat what I have written before:

Before Castro, Cuba was as rich as Italy, and richer than Spain. Cuba has not merely lagged behind, it has actually grown poorer, and is now more than five times poorer than these countries. It used to be among the richest in Latin America, now it’s among the poorest.

Cubans had better access to food than all other Latin American countries except Argentina before Castro, but now they have worse access than almost all the others. Cubans are the only people in Latin America who have seen their intake of calories decrease since then. It is now better than in the 90s, but more than every tenth Cuban is chronically undernourished.

Cuba had lower infant mortality than all other Latin American countries before Castro, and lower than France, Italy and Japan. It is the only area where progress has continued since then, but it has been much slower than in other similar countries.

Here is a test of extreme leftists´ double standards: Do they mention the infant mortality statistics as an excuse for murder and dictatorship? In that case, do they think that Pinochet was better than Castro, since he reduced infant mortality in Chile more in 25 years than Castro has done in Cuba in almost 50 years?


The US is responsible for two major policy blunders in the relations with Cuba. One is the trade embargo that has allowed Castro - who begun by saying that trade with the US was exploitation that would impoverish Cuba - to change tune and instead pretend that the misery his policies have brought Cuba is a result of the American refusal to trade with him.

The second mistake is Guantanamo Bay in southeastern Cuba. It is the ideal location for a window to the West, a new West Berlin to show Cubans the hope of democracy and free markets. Instead the US government has tried to use it as a prison outside the reach of the American legal system, as a proof that they don´t believe in their own ideas. As Alvaro Vargas Llosa suggests, a way to repair the damage would be to change Guantanamo into a free-enterprise zone, to show Cubans what they can do if liberated from Castro´s dictatorship.


"To prove that he is still alive Fidel Castro is posing with today´s paper. It´s an excellent proof of the extent of lies in the government media that he is fully aware that the public would never believe the word of the authorities or an ordinary photo."


Sunday, 13/8/2006:


Friday night saw the official release party for Ett annat Sverige är möjligt. The debate between the two authors, me and America Vera-Zavala, was moderated by one of my favourite journalists, Maciej Zaremba. And with intelligent questions and a nice, restrained sense of humour Zaremba uncovered our principles and threw us of guard again and again. Instead of debating social security, we discussed everything from markets in body organs to subsidies for the Royal Library.

The book is an attempt to be a principled counterweight to the pragmatic Swedish election campaign. And that is needed. This weekend, the main opposition party, the moderates, announced that they don´t care how much the social democrats promise to spend on public education and health care - whatever they decide, the moderates will spend the same - and some more. This is another way of saying 1) We have no principles of our own, 2) we trust the social democrats´ judgement, and 3) there are no real differences between us.

The difference between our release party and the election campaign is that we argued in a calm and polite way over major differences and opposite visions. At the same time, they blow minimal disagreements out of proportions and argue aggressively over tiny differences of opinion.


Min gårdag förgylldes av en Lars Winnerbäck på ett strålande humör på Zinkensdamms IP. Andra extranumret inledde han med den tre år gamla Över gränsen:

"Blev så trött på den heta sommaren

Trött på bilderna i stan

Trött på Olssons Skor och Kvarnen

Trött om natten, Trött på dan´

Trött på all valpropaganda lika billig som reklam:

´Vi vill ha ett bättre Sverige´

- Åh fan?"

Friday, 11/8/2006:


"The American Way av välgörenhet är ju inte speciellt demokratisk."

- Svenska Dagbladets Anna Larsson angriper Gates och Buffet för att de utrotar malaria utan att invänta demokratiskt fattade beslut.


A lot of intelligent things have been said about the plot to blow up jets leaving Britain, especially about the brilliant police work. But am I the only one who shudder at the thought of crossing the Atlantic in the future without being allowed to bring a book or an Economist to read?

Thursday, 10/8/2006:


At a Tory conference in 1988, Margaret Thatcher said: "Marxists get up early to further their cause. We must get up even earlier to defend our freedom."

Just came to think of this when I learned that I will discuss my latest book on Swedish morning television (TV1) tomorrow at 06.43. The release party starts almost 12 hours later.


"It´s been harder to create a space for openly pro-capitalist views in the public debate, but even that is starting to change. A good place to judge is Europe´s bookstores. While anti-capitalist and anti-globalization screeds—plus the usual Third Way literature—still dominate, there is now a small but growing pro-capitalist shelf. Virtually nonexistent just a few years ago, it already has its own cult classics, such as ´In Defense of Global Capitalism´ by the young Swedish ex-anarchist Johan Norberg, translated into a dozen languages from Spanish to Albanian since it appeared in 2001."

- Newsweek

14:18 - HURRA: 

Johan Ingerö är tillbaka. Nu fattas bara att Gudmundson börjar blogga igen för att blogglyckan ska vara fullständig.

Wednesday, 9/8/2006:

11:34 - BACK IN TOWN: 

Now I am back home - and will stay for a week before I go to Cairo. If you are in Stockholm as well, you can participate in the launch of Ett annat Sverige är möjligt, a book on what should change in Swedish politics - half of it written by me and the other half by leftist writer America Vera-Zavala. On friday we will discuss the book, with Maciej Zaremba as the moderator:

Friday 11 August, 18.00
Street, Hornstulls Strand 4, Hornstull

And here are some more interesting things:

- Lecture online by the marvellous Hans Rosling on the state of the world.

- Lecture in mp3 by Nobel laurate Vernon Smith on globalisation.

- TV6 has begun to show the wonderful series Bullshit - the two libertarian magicians Penn & Teller exposes stupidity and superstition.

- Tagesspiel has published my essay on the Swedish welfare state in German. (Unabridged here)

- If you have thought about entering the Swedish essay contest on Ayn Rand, there is now less than a week to go.

Friday, 4/8/2006:


TIllbaka i Sverige inser jag att kärnkraften är det enda som kan rädda oss från än mer uppmärksamhet för Linda Rosing.

Såvitt jag förstår är det en person som är ansvarig för påståendet att kortslutningen vid Forsmark hade kunnat leda till en härdsmälta, kärnkraftsexperten Lars-Olov Höglund, som nu syns överallt. Jag är inte den rätte mannen att bedöma hans uppgifter, men vore det inte bra om medierna samtidigt informerade att detta är en person som har initierat en mångårig juridisk konflikt med Forsmark om upphandling av konsultuppdrag? Som Hallands Nyheter sammanfattar:

"en mycket trasslig, långdragen och infekterad historia ... Ärendet har blivit allt mer komplicerat och svåröverskådligt. Ord står mot ord, parterna häller galla över varandra."

(Tack Stefan)


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