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Ny bok: Hjärnrevolutionen. Köp hos Bokus eller Adlibris.

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2012-11-09 15:46:39
Ny bok: Hjärnrevolutionen. Köp hos Bokus eller Adlibris.

2012-09-26 12:00:48
Ny bok: Eurokrasch - En tragedi i tre akter. Köp hos Bokus eller Adlibris.

2011-06-20 11:13:56
Nytt kapitel: Jag skriver om att vi inte vann, det var de som förlorade, i antologin Globaliseringens triumf.

2011-03-11 10:03:24
New chapter: I write about the financial crisis, "Why we are all to blame" in the new anthology On Capitalism (eds. Kurt Almqvist & Alexander Linklater).

2011-01-08 13:17:04
New essay: I write the cover story in The Specatator´s New Year´s issue, on bubbles in 2011.

2010-11-29 23:07:20
New study: GDP and its enemies (Centre for European Studies)

2010-06-14 11:32:55
Ny bok: Fragment & Argument 1990-2010. Till salu hos Adlibris och Bokus.

2010-05-08 17:29:40
New film: Overdose - The Next Financial Crisis. Info in Swedish and English.

2009-09-21 00:49:41
Ny bok: Jag har givit ut Den eviga matchen om lyckan (Natur & Kultur).

2009-09-06 22:51:03
New book: Financial Fiasco has been published. Here is a video presentation.

2009-08-06 22:37:31
Jag har börjat som kolumnist i Metro och kommer att skriva varje torsdag.

2009-07-26 10:48:58
Jag skriver om farlig krishantering på DN Debatt.

2009-06-02 12:27:48
Den norska tankesmedjan Civita har givit ut min studie Staten og finanskrisen.

2009-05-06 11:00:33
Recension av Daniel Ankarloos Marknadsmyter nu online.

2009-01-28 10:35:21
In Defence is now available in Indonesian translation.

2008-10-07 08:39:38
I write about the financial crisis in The Australian (English) and Expressen (Swedish)

2008-10-02 14:21:07
Jag skriver om finanskrisen i Expressen och angriper Timbrokonservatism i Newsmill.

2008-09-06 16:01:37
A second round: I respond to Naomi Klein´s response to my criticism.

2008-06-18 06:21:43
I debunk Naomi Klein´s latest book in an English briefing paper and a Swedish book.

2008-05-14 20:41:58
I debunk Naomi Klein´s latest book in a new Cato Briefing Paper.

2008-04-29 14:22:24
Jag skriver om den globala matkrisen i Expressen.

2008-02-19 14:56:43
Jag skriver om DN Kulturs falsarier i Expressen och dokumenterar dem här.

2008-01-21 13:26:19
In defence of Global Capitalism has been published in a Mongolian translation.

2007-11-07 07:32:21
The Globalisation Council has published my report Världens välfärd, an overview of trends in global living standards. 

2007-09-05 07:49:49
I have produced a one-hour podcast about happiness (in Swedish), available here.

2007-07-03 15:00:55
In Defence of Global Capitalism has now been published in Arabic and Russian translation. The total number of translations published and planned is 27.

2007-04-24 20:57:26
The TV program The Ultimate Resource, featuring me, Hernando de Soto and Muhammed Yunus, will be aired on HDNet on April 24.

2007-03-20 01:09:49
I have joined the Cato Institute as Senior Fellow.

2007-02-22 09:56:54
My lecture "Entrepreneurs are the heroes of the world" has been published as a Cato´s Letter.

2006-12-10 16:59:16
I have been awarded the Curt Nicolin Prize.

2006-12-08 07:25:37
New paper: I have published a Timbro briefing paper on wellbeing research in Swedish, and a CNE report about it in English.

2006-11-13 15:35:09
New paper: In Happiness Paternalism (CNE 2006), I critically examine wellbeing research.

2006-11-07 15:49:02
New mp3: My review of my reviewers is now online (in Swedish).

2006-10-02 13:12:43
New article: About the achievements of entrepreneurs in Wall Street Journal.

2006-08-11 15:10:51
New book: I write half of Ett annat Sverige är möjligt (Pocky 2006) - on how Sweden could and should change.

2006-06-09 12:38:18
New essay: I write about Sweden and the welfare state in National Interest.

2006-05-31 15:30:59
My new book, När människan skapade världen, has been published in Swedish.

2006-05-15 15:52:23
New essay: Neo 3-2006 publishes a travel report from China and India written by Sofia Nerbrand and me.

2006-04-23 18:32:59
Czech edition: In Defence has been published in a Chech edition, by Liberální Institut/Alfa Publishing.

2006-03-29 00:07:44
Polish edition: In Defence has been published in a Polish translation by Fijor Publishing.

2006-02-26 12:48:21
I have joined the Brussel based free-market think tank Centre for the New Europe as a Senior Fellow.

2006-01-25 23:30:40
New article: Far Eastern Economic Review has published my article "China paranoia derails free trade"

2006-01-20 14:41:32
New essay: In Die Welt´s summary of 2005, I write about the prospects for free trade and globalisation.

2006-01-17 00:45:05
New essay: In the first issue of Neo, I write about why humans worry more than we have reason to, and why it´s probably a good thing (in Swedish).

2006-01-03 14:35:45
New book chapter: I contribute with the essay "L´esperienza di un prodotto della globalizzazione" in the Italian anthology Per un´etica del villaggio globale, Vol 2 (Athenaeum 2005)

2005-12-13 17:19:23
New booklet: My lecture The Wealth of Generations has been published by the Centre for Indpendent Studies.

2005-12-11 16:49:14
Spanish edition: Now In Defence has been published in Spanish by Unión Editorial, Madrid.

2005-12-06 20:12:09
Chinese edition: Now In Defence has been published in a Chinese edition, by Social Science Publishing, Beijing.

2005-10-20 23:33:36
Australasian edition: Now In Defence has been published in Australia and New Zealand by the Centre for Independent Studies.

2005-10-06 10:58:52
New study: I publish a new survey - Rubriker som gör oss rädda - about what Swedes think about development and the environment, which shows that they haven´t noticed any of the positive developments in the last decades (only in Swedish)

2005-10-05 15:38:29
New job: At the end of the year, I will resign from the Swedish liberal think-tank Timbro, to become a free-lance free-marketeer.

2005-09-08 12:23:01
New essay: The leading Australian public policy magazine Policy publishes my article "The Scientist´s Pursuit of Happiness", where I challenge many of the political interpretations of happiness research.

2005-04-28 23:49:15
New briefing paper: My report Arabisk vår (Arab Spring), on protest and reform in the Middle East, has been published by Timbro. (In Swedish only.)

2005-03-03 16:03:00
Indian edition: Now In Defence has been published in India by Academic Foundation in cooperation with Liberty Institute.

2005-02-17 12:25:44
New study: Stockholm Network has published the report The State of the Union, which examines the progress of reform in the EU member states. I write about Sweden together with Johnny Munkhammar.

2004-10-19 15:03:04
New book chapter: I am represented with the chapter "Why their business is none of ours", in the CSR-anthology An Apology for capitalism, edited by Helen Disney, (Stockholm Network, 2004).

2004-10-04 10:59:56
Finnish translation: Now In Defence is available in Finnish, Globaalin kapitalismin puolustus, from the publisher Gummerus.

2004-09-23 16:17:13
Chapter on terrorism: I write a chapter on why freedom and capitalism is our best weapon against terrorism in the small book I skuggan av 11 september (Edited by Henrik Holmquist, FN Förbundet 2004).

2004-08-24 18:41:33
New anthology: I participate with the article ”The Noble Feet of Nike” in Gilbert Muller’s The New World Reader, an anthology about the global community, with authors like Barbara Ehrenreich, Thomas Friedman, Francis Fukuyama and Arundhati Roy.

2004-06-02 14:32:05
New book chapter: I am presenting a liberal vision for the EU in an essay in the anthology Vägval för Europa (ed. Henrik Dahlsson) published today by the foundation "Nytt Europa". (In Swedish only)

2004-03-04 11:42:16
New booklet: The German Liberales Institut has now published my booklet "Globalisation and the poor", about poverty reduction and poverty measurements - a paper presented at a workshop in Potsdam, November 2003.

2004-02-09 14:14:03
New booklet: My Telderslecture 2003 has now been adapted into a booklet, In defence of open borders for immigrants, published by the Dutch liberal foundation Teldersstichting.

2004-01-24 12:22:13
Birthday book: Timbro is now 25 years old. Therefore I have put together a book on our think tank´s past, present and future, together with my colleague, Anna Wilson. It´s called T-25 and is available only in Swedish. T-25 is available online here.

2004-01-14 17:39:07
Now there is a French edition of In Defence of Global Capitalism for the French market, Plaidoyer pour la mondialisation capitaliste (Plon 2004). It is based on the IEDM/Saint-Martin-edition that was published last year in Quebec, Canada.

2003-11-18 13:56:20
New book: Together with Mattias Bengtsson I have published Frihetens klassiker (The Classics of Liberty). It’s an anthology of classical liberal and libertarian texts from the last 500 years - from de la Boétie and las Casas to Ayn Rand and Mario Vargas Llosa. Only in Swedish.

2003-10-22 10:37:00
Wall Street Journal Europe today has an article by me titled Why We Should Fight Anti-Globalists. My argument is that if scholars and economists don’t face anti-globalists and NGOs in public debates, the public will be influenced by the protesters. If NGOs are forced to be contructive, they can become fighters for free trade.

2003-10-20 17:49:52
Estonian translation of In Defence of Global Capitalism now available.
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2003-10-13 18:00:14
Yesterday Johan Norberg was awarded the Publishing Prize by the Friedrich-August-von-Hayek-Stiftung for his book In defence of global capitalism. The prize is a gold medal and the award ceremony was held in the Berlin concert hall in front of 300 guests. Former German president Roman Herzog handed out the prize and the president of the Polish central bank Leszek Balcerowicz read the motivation. ECB chief economist Otmar Issing and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was also awarded.
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2003-10-06 11:12:20
My speech "Open borders - for immigrants as well", presented as the annual Telders lecture in Leiden, the Netherlands, 25 September, is now available online, and so is my speech against "Corporate Social Responsibility" presented the same day, for a CSR audience.

2003-09-21 18:04:19
Today the TV-documentary "Globalisation is good" by Johan Norberg will be shown to British viewers on Channel 4.
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2003-09-01 17:52:19
Turkish translation of In Defence of Global Capitalism now available
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Are you one of those who think that multinationals like Nike exploit and oppress? Johan Norberg explains why you are wrong in the new edition of the British magazine The Spectator.
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French translation of In Defence of Global Capitalism now available.
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2003-04-09 17:54:40
German translation of In Defence of Global Capitalism available from Eichborn.
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On 17 March 2003, RVU, the Dutch national TV-station, broadcasted a 24 minute documentary on Johan Norberg and his book. It portrays Norberg as one of two central polemicists in the international globalisation debate. The other is English anti-globalist Noreena Hertz, author of The Silent Takeover. The documentary is called ”Leve de globalisering…of niet?” and is directed by Annemiek Streng. It is part of the series “Nieuw Economisch Peil” (New Economic Standard) on Dutch Channel 3. The film is broadcasted again 5 May 2003
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A Dutch translation of In Defence of Global Capitalism has been published by Houtekiet.
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Norberg explains the rise and fall of Sweden’s economy in an article on TechCentralStation.
Read the article ->

Rosemary Righter of The Times reviews Norbergs book In Defence of Global Capitalism, says Tony Blair should read it.
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The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reviews In Defence of Global Capitalism
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2001-12-17 15:51:55
Samuel Brittan reviews In Defence of Global Capitalism in Financial Times.
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