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Johan Norberg is a prolific and internationally acclaimed author who has written 15 books and edited three more. His books have been translated from Swedish to some 25 languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Turkish, and are frequently reviewed in international media.

Johan Norberg: “- Writing books has always been my greatest intellectual passion and the basis of my professional life. Reading was my way of learning about the world, and I’ve always thought that it takes lengthy texts to explain a perspective in a nuanced way and give adequate support to a thesis.”

“There is no frigate like a book. To take us lands away.”
– Emily Dickinson (1830–86).

Films & TV

After producing his first documentary for British Channel 4 in 2003, Johan Norberg has been involved with numerous films, both documentaries for US public service television (in cooperation with the production company Free to Choose) as well as several highly acclaimed documentaries in his native Sweden.

In 2010, the highly acclaimed international documentary “Overdose – A Film about the Next Financial Crisis” by Journeyman Pictures was based on Johan Norberg’s international best selling book “Financial Fiasco”. The film, narrated by Johan Norberg, had its world premiere in Washington, D.C. and features interviews with Vernon Smith, Peter Schiff, Robert Van Order, Megan McArdle, and former United States Comptroller General David Walker.

“What struck me was how much hard work it is to summarize and visualize complex arguments in a short time for a medium that is more about persons and emotions, but also how big an effect it has on people’s views when you succeed. If 10.000 people read a book, it is a success, but with films, you reach millions. I have often met people who became interested in an issue after having watched a documentary, and then moved on to study it in detail.” 

Talks & Keynotes

A passionate, acclaimed and experienced international speaker, Johan Norberg lectures globally on subjects like liberty, economics and globalization – from Stockholm to Sydney, from Buenos Aires to Beijing, and from Cairo to Capitol Hill.

Besides presenting the case for his own specific point of view on these and other subjects, Johan Norberg frequently helps businesses and organizations develop a better understanding of our rapidly changing world, and the emerging trends that are affecting the conditions in which they try to prosper, by introducing them to diverse subjects ranging from emerging markets and the financial crisis, to the science of happiness and intelligence.

Watch for videos of talks and keynotes by Johan Norberg under News. 

Articles & Publications

An erudite and prolific writer, Johan Norberg’s articles and op-eds feature regularly in many of the world’s most influential international newspapers and magazines, including publications as diverse as The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, National Interest, Forbes, The Spectator and The Far Eastern Economic Review.

Johan Norberg covers subjects ranging from popular science to social commentary, international politics and the global financial system, often illuminating complex issues in an engaging, entertaining and clarifying manner.

Besides being regularly published in the Swedish national debate, Johan Norberg is also a regular contributor to two leading Swedish newspapers, with a weekly column in Metro, Scandinavia’s biggest daily, and a monthly column in Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden’s leading conservative morning paper. He is also a contributor to the arts page of the liberal Expressen, Sweden’s second biggest evening paper.