Stat, individ och marknad

Timbro 2000 (In Swedish) Edited by Johan Norberg “Stat, individ och marknad: sex skolor i samtida samhällsfilosofi” is a textbook of contemporary theories in economics and social science, including the Chicago school, the Austrian school, public choice and neo-Aristotelian theories of individual rights. Order “Stat, individ och marknad: sex skolor i samtida samhällsfilosofi” here.

Fullständiga rättigheter

Timbro 1999 (In Swedish) “Fullständiga rättigheter : ett försvar för de 21 första artiklarna i FN:s deklaration om de mänskliga rättigheterna” is a philosophical defense of the classical Western concept of human rights as liberty rights, and a criticism of “welfare rights”. Explaining that the United Nation’s declaration is a self-contradictory collection of different sorts of…

Motståndsmannen Vilhelm Moberg

Timbro 1997 (In Swedish) A political biography of Sweden’s most important 20th century novelist, the author of the novels of the Swedish emigration to America, showing that Moberg had a consistent anti-authoritarian message, always challenging church, government and totalitarian ideologies. Read more about “Motståndsmannen Vilhelm Moberg” here.