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Keynote address at the Freedom Dinner, New York

In 2011, the Nobel laureate in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, delivered the keynote address at the Atlas Network’s Freedom Dinner in New York. This year, that honor was Johan Norberg’s. In front of hundreds of people who are fighting for freedom and human rights in their countries, he talked about their struggle and what it means to our world.

The full text of the speech is available at The Atlas Network.



New book on open borders

Johan Norberg’s latest book in Swedish is Migrationens kraft (The Power of Migration), co-written with Fredrik Segerfeldt and published by Hydra. It presents the case for open borders, outlining a moral defense for the freedom of movement, while at the same time explaining how it can benefit both the migrant, the country he leaves and the country he moves to. It also explains how labor market regulation often hurts that process.

In Dagens Nyheter, renowned author and journalist Lena Andersson use Norberg’s and Segerfeldt’s book to defend open immigration.

Migrationens kraft can be ordered here.

Read more about the book in Dagens Nyheter’s editorial here.


Johan Norberg turns 40

Sweden’s biggest daily, Dagens Nyheter, Sydsvenska Dagbladet and several other newspapers pays attention to Johan Norberg’s 40th birthday, with a personal portrait beginning with the words “He has never been afraid to stick his neck out”.

Read more in Sydsvenska Dagbladet here.


Norwegian translation of book on intelligence

Johan Norberg’s Swedish book The Brain Revolution, on the past, present and future of human intelligence has been translated into Norwegian by the publisher Cappellen DammNorway’s second largest daily writes that the book is “easily accessible and full of absorbing examples and stimulating questions … your brain will not be the same after you have read this book”.

Read more about the book here (in Swedish) and in Aftenposten (in Norwegian).

The Norwegian translation of the book can be ordered at Cappellen Damm.


Article in The Spectator: “Why Sweden has riots”

In late May, the world was surprised to watch riots and burning buildings in heavily immigrant-populated suburbs of Stockholm. In The Spectator (UK), Johan Norberg writes about the deep divide in Swedish society, a country that has reformed much, but still regulates labour markets and has high entry-level wages. As a result, Sweden has very high immigrant unemployment.

Read the article in The Spectator here.

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